Negotiate Real Estate Agent Commission

Unhappy with how much your real estate agent’s commission is?

Good news!

You can ALWAYS negotiate that number.

(If they tell you that it’s non-negotiable, it’s probably a good idea to find a different real estate agent to work with.)

At Porch Time Property, we’ve been buying and selling real estate for quite some time in … and so we’re quite familiar with this process.

In fact, here are things you can use as leverage to negotiate with your agent!

Home Desirability — If your home is in a very desirable neighborhood and/or if it’s in the ideal price-point for buyers, then it’ll probably sell fast. And that means you might be able to negotiate a lower commission since the agent’s job is going to be easy.

Price Point —  The more money that your house is worth, the more that the real estate agent stands to make, even if they have a slightly lower commission. So if your home is quite high-value, then it’s worth asking the agent if they can take a slightly lower commission.

Time Of Year — When you sell your home also makes a difference. If you sell when homes sell easily (summer), then you can probably negotiate a better commission. If you sell when homes don’t sell easily (winter), then you don’t really have leverage here.

Hope that helps! And if you’d rather sell your house as-is fast for a fair cash price, give us a call at (833) 529-1664! We can close in as little as two weeks and we’ll pay all closing costs!

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