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How To Get The Most Money Out Of Your Home:

Having a ton of experience with buying properties, we want to help YOU get the MOST amount of money you possibly can for your house. We’re going to walk you through several mistakes that folks make when trying to sell their property for cash.

Chances are that if you’re trying to sell a property for cash it has deferred maintenance, is vacant, you’re on a time crunch, or has dishonest tenants. We’ll be the first to tell you that we’ve been there. We’ve seen it all (quite literally the good, the bad, and the UGLY)! We all know that Real Estate is risky, messy, and not nearly as easy as HGTV would have us believe.

We walk through several properties a week meeting with homeowners just like yourself. We’re going to tell you exactly what reduces our offers.

Boarded Up Houses: 

If you’ve received a board order from the county this can REALLY hurt the perceived value of your property. Typically properties that end up boarded are vacant homes. When we walk through these homes we often see broken windows, kicked in doors, stolen copper, mold, squatters, and vandalism. The worst properties we tour are typically the ones that are boarded up. You need to know that when you (or county) boards a home it immediately becomes a target for vandalism and theft.

So what should you do?

Some companies offer a clear plexiglass solution. (This is more expensive than plywood) This solution accomplishes the same thing without painting a big red target on your property.

You could also simply repair the exterior damage that required the property to be boarded up.

If you can’t do the above… Get to your property before your appointment and remove at least one board to give access to the property. When cash buyers tour properties we are always concerned for our safety. If we can get to your home and walk in we are way more comfortable. When a cash buyer meets you at your house and has to remove boards, crawl through a window, and re-board the property they’re uncomfortable.

The less dramatic/stressful you can make showing your property the more money you’ll get!

Rental Properties: 

When a cash buyer is touring a rental property they’re also interviewing/assessing the current tenant. Maryland law requires that tenant rights and previous leases be honored. When buying an occupied rental property we’re also taking over your tenant. If your tenant is rude, unpleasant, or frustrated this can really complicate the process.

What can you do?

Give your tenant 24 hours notice that you’ll be showing the property.

Honesty is the best policy. Let your tenant know that you’ve got someone interested in purchasing the property.

Ask your tenant to clean up.  A dirty kitchen, uncleaned bathroom, and a full trash can make a showing extremely unpleasant.

Be honest with your cash buyer about the tenant. Are they late? Are they behind on rent? Do they want to stay?

**What if your tenant isn’t paying?**

If you’re not comfortable or experienced in evictions we WILL buy properties with non-paying tenants. This process adds about 45 days and costs us around $750. (Yes, we will pay for your eviction)

Have Your Utilities On:

When a property sits without utilities on it can cause damage quickly.

If your basement starts to flood and your sump pump doesn’t have electricity you’re going to get water damage.

If your house isn’t winterized and you don’t have a furnace your pipes will freeze.

If your property doesn’t have circulating air it may develop mildew/mold.

A warm property with lights on sells for more than a closed up cold home.

Clean Up Trash:

Chances are if you’ve got a recent vacancy your tenant didn’t clean up everything when they left. If you’re unfortunate they may have left A LOT of stuff. Paying a company to remove trash, furniture, and debris easily pays for itself. To rent a dumpster typically costs around $450. You can find folks to do a “trash” out for you for a few hundred dollars. We routinely tour properties where we have to climb over trash, furniture, and construction materials.

Deal With A Reputable Cash Buyer: 

Do they have reviews?

Are they licensed? (Many folks don’t get licensed to avoid having a fiduciary responsibility)

Are they BBB accredited?

Do they actually own any property? (Lost of folks just buy low/sell high)

If interested in getting a cash offer on your Maryland home, call us today at (833) 529-1664!

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